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I am a science writer and social entrepreneur working at the intersection of technology, research and mental health. At 25, I left my software business and spent a year talking to young people, researchers, nurses, psychotherapists, philosophers, artists and others to study mental health from many different perspectives. 

The book

‘A stellar cast of writers and thinkers’ -Nathan Filer

An explorer spends a decade preparing for an expedition to the South Pole; what happens when you live for a goal, but once it’s been accomplished, you discover it’s not enough? A successful broadcast journalist ends up broke, drunk and sleeping rough; what makes alcohol so hard to resist despite its ruinous consequences? A teenage girl tries to disappear by starving herself; what is this force that compels so many women to reduce their size so drastically?In this essay collection, writers share the struggles that have shaped their lives – loss, depression, addiction, anxiety, trauma, identity and others. But as they take you on a journey to the darkest recesses of their mind, the authors grapple with challenges that haunt us all.


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